Supplying topsoil in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey borders

Our recycled multi-purpose topsoil really packs a punch in the growing stakes! With the addition of soil conditioner and screened to 10-20mm, this continually proves to be the no.1 choice for our professional landscaping customers. Nutrient rich and full of humus, it provides the ideal growing conditions for raised beds, borders, allotments and lawns, supporting good drainage and promoting rapid plant growth.  Certified to British Standards BS3882:2015, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of our best selling topsoil.

Multipurpose topsoil

Our multi-purpose topsoil with added soil conditioner:

  • Can be used for Turfing and Vegetable plots
  • Mixed with Soil conditioner for added nutrients
  • This is a dark soil with a woody consistency
  • Stone content which helps with drainage
  • Screened to approximately 10-20mm

Premium topsoil

A bit about our premium topsoil:

  • Use for borders, flower beds, potting plants, vegetable plots
  • Soil conditioner content
  • High levels of medium/coarse sand, more free draining than other loams and allows water and air to permeate deep into the roots
  • Screened to between 5mm-10mm approximately
  • Small stones necessary for drainage
  • We do not suggest this for seeding of lawns but can be done if stones are raked out

Top Dressing

Maybe our Topdressing would suit your needs better:

  • Perfect for lawn dressing, seeding and sports pitches and lawns
  • Screened to approximately 2mm
  • 70% sand and 30% soil blend


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