Top Dressing


Top dressing does not just improve the look of your lawn, but can also benefit the health of the grass too. It allows you to maintain a true and level lawn surface by filling in any imperfections or hollow areas to create a smooth surface.

Easy to apply – should be applied when grass is actively growing

Generally top dressing is applied in the spring and autumn when there is sufficient moisture to allow the dressing to be washed in, though the dressing is usually ‘dragged in with a drag mat or drag brush.

Top dressing can also be applied after renovation processes such as aeration, so that it will filter into the holes made and will improve the rate at which grass and turf recovers.


Why use top dressing:


  • Level out any minor imperfections on the surface of the lawn
  • Ideal if drainage is a major concern
  • Over time will form part of the root zone, where the roots grow best

What is top dressing?


Our top dressing is high quality; of 80% sport sand and 20% soil; free flowing; screened to 2mm.

Top dressing is the perfect material for levelling off, adding nutrients to your lawn and helps with drainage issues.



  • Good for eroded or sunken areas of lawn
  • Improves the look of your lawn
  • Benefit the health of the grass
  • Helps relieve compaction issues
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