Soil Improver

Soil Improver –

Superior quality, supplied by the bulk bag

Made from green garden material sent to recycling facilities – locally sourced from the Hampshire area – household gardens and public parks

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Soil Conditioner – improves any type of soil

Soil improver is perfect for decreasing soil-borne diseases, adding humus to sandy soil, and assists in keeping stable soil pH by increasing neutralising value. Open structure, ideal for breaking down clay soils and peat-free, therefore, helps to protect the environment, support biodiversity and is a sustainable source with no added fertilisers.

Improves: root environment for plants; nutrient uptake; moisture retention in light soils; drainage in heavy soils; soil structure; and resistance to soil compaction and erosion.

Why use soil improver:


  • 100% organic matter
  • 20% plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphourus, potassium – essential for plant growth
  • Less need for chemical fertilisers

Benefits of using soil improver:

Topsoil UK


  • rich in nutrients
  • rich in essential trace elements
  • provides plants with an ideal growing medium

Suitable for:


  • perennial and annual flower beds
  • shrubs
  • vegetable plots
  • fruit trees
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